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Making digital advertising simple,
relevant, rewarding and User-friendly

HubDSP is the most cost-effective way to purchase advertising and actually REACH your target audience, increasing CTR and conversion.

RTB gives advertisers the ability to target specific, key markets - by interest, location or using multiple consumer data points - through purchasing the best ad spaces available, in the most cost effective manner, on millions of websites and mobile applications - in real time.

Display advertising

Banners are the most common digital advertising formats to promote your products, brands and services in the internet.

Video advertising

The main advantage of video is the ability to demonstrate a product clearly and effectively, and its high conversion is seen in the key performance indicators of recent video advertising campaigns

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is the most effective way to reach most audiences, in many regions of the world, overtaking desktop and tablet advertising by increasing percentages

Rich-media advertising

Rich-media ads are interactive ads allowing for a large scope of creativity, recording the most profitable responses with a very high CTR, and conversio


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