A demand-side platform for crypto projects, exchanges, and ICO/ITOs

HubDSP provides a comprehensive digital advertising solution for cryptocurrencies, exchanges and businesses pursuing an ICO/ITO. The platform enables real time bidding, audience buying and centralized campaign management, tracking, reporting and analytics. Optimize and automate your digital advertising with HubDSP.

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Powerful, simple programmatic digital advertising for crypto businesses

HubDSP delivers a powerful digital advertising solution to cryptocurrencies, exchanges and ICO/ITOs. The platform is uniquely tailored to a crypto-oriented market, delivering automation, insights and accurate targeting to businesses in the crypto space. Users can target multiple ad exchanges and buy across multiple channels easily from the same interface.

Programmatic ad buying

Choose who will see your ads, based on demographics, behaviour and placement time.

Targeted ad network

HubDSP displays your ads on sites that we know your audience visits and trusts.

Real time bidding

Bid on display ads in real time, ensuring the best match between message and audience.

Budget pacing

Define how and when you want to spend your ad budget to ensure you get the best out of it.

Unified dashboard

View ads, placements, budgets and data in your unified HubDSP dashboard.

Ad analytics

Derive insight from your ads to continuously improve campaigns and get more customers.

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How a Demand Side Platform Works

DSPs act as a gateway to the advertising ecosystem, allowing advertisers to retain control of campaigns while at the same time making multiple real time bids for ad space across multiple channels.

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Advertise across channels, devices, sites and media to reach your audience where they are.

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